Getting Started

This guide shows how to get started with the Mediatek Neuropilot. This tutorial will use a android demo app, which can detect pose of person, to show the basic usage of Neuropilot.

What is Neuropilot ?


The demo is developed using Android Studio, so below enviroment is recommended:

Install the latest Android Studio. Install the latest Android SDK, from Android Studio or stand-alone. Install the latest Android NDK, from the Android Studio SDK Manager or stand-alone.

Build the Example Android APP

You can download the demo project at download page. This demo app combines the Mediatek Neuropilot runtime(provided by the /app/libs/neuropilot.aar android library) and a pre-trained .tflite model(provided by src/main/assets/*.tflite).

Steps to build the android apk from Android Stduio:

  1. Launch Android Studio.
  2. Open the project which you have downloaded.
  3. Accept the Android Studio suggestions to upgrade build system components if offered.
  4. Press the "Run app" button to build and run the APK.


  1. The neuropilot.aar in the demo is a specific version. You can get the latest neuropilot.aar from our download page.
  2. The .tflite is converted from the OpenPose model. Reference the original project and find more information here. Be a developer to get more information of the converting procedure.
  3. The demo is modified from a google demo.

The demo will run like bellow:

​ The inference time may be different by different device. Contact PM to get more detail.

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